We work with a number of different joists and flooring systems, enabling us to provide the perfect solution for any build.

From traditional timber joists for refurbishments or hi-spec houses to metal web and TJI Joists & flooring for high volume new builds, including all aspects of joist and flooring for timber frame developments whether it be floor cassettes or loose installation.

Our joist carpentry services include:

Traditional Joists

AJC build traditional joists to provide stiffness to the frame, allowing it to function as a horizontal structure. The joists can sometimes be doubles or tripled to provide the walls more support if needed.

Some traditional construction joist types include: 

  • Single set of joists that carry both floor and ceiling
  • Two sets of joists carrying the floor and another carrying the ceiling (double framed floor).
  • Joists that land on a binding joist (bridging joists).

Metal Web Joists

These types of joist are beams that join softwood joists with steel webs to create a structural beam, which can be used to a variety of wall and floor applications. 

There are many benefits for using Metal Web Joists during construction: 

  • They create a lightweight structure, which are easier to handle than solid timber joists 
  • Metal Web Joists reduces the vibrations of a floor, improving the sound quality of a room. 
  • This type of joist can be used on a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to span further than traditional joists.

TJI Joists & Flooring

TJI construction joists supports floors and walls so that they stop warping, twisting or shrinking. They are fundamental for making high quality floors and the joists are fast and easy to install because they are very light.

TJI Joists have many other benefits, which include: 

  • Easy Installation 
  • Durable 
  • Can be easily drilled and cut for plumbing and ductwork 

AJC Carpentry installs these joists perfectly into new homes and continues to maintain their high level of service.

Looking to work with us?

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