Second Fix Carpentry

We deliver extraordinary second fix carpentry services to our clients when constructing new homes.

Second fix involves all of the finishing work that is usually done after the plastering.

Some of our second fix carpentry services include:

Internal Hardwood and Softwood Doors

This work involves installing internal doors to the rooms of the building. After installing the internal door linings from the first fix phase, the hardwood and softwood doors are perfectly positioned within the frame and linings.

Architraves to Door Linings

Architraves (or door surrounds and door casings) are decorative mouldings used to frame doorways. They can also be fitted around loft traps, box sash windows and plasterboard. Fitting the architraves is a brilliant way to add some character to the internal rooms of a home.

Skirting to Mouldings

A moulding skirting board is a fantastic option to provide a smooth finish to the internal design of a building. Skirting boards run along the bottom of an internal wall and the design complements the interior of a home beautifully.

Pre-formed Door Sets

A door set is the complete unit including the doorframe, hinges, glazing system and other ironmongery. We all install these types of doors as part of the second fix carpentry phase.

Staircase Components

After the main frame of the staircase is installed, the components of the stairs are fitted. These components can include:
  • The Stringer
  • Threads
  • The Risers
  • The Starter step
  • Standard newels
  • Landing newels
  • Pin-top newels
  • Stabilizer newel posts

Low-level Bathroom Boxing’s

This job involves hiding any pipes in the bathroom running along the floor or at a low-level. A box is built around the pipes, which makes the bathroom look immaculate.

Looking to become a second fix carpenter?

Working with most major house builders in the UK, we offer price work throughout the South East of England. If you are looking to take your career to the next step, we are always on the lookout for top class Carpenters and Supervisors.

If you would like to work with us on these large-scale projects, please fill in the carpenter enquiry form or call us on 01252 845 467.